We Value

Inclusion, Honesty, Empathy, Care, Pride, Positivity, Equity, Collaboration, Impact


We inspire, connect, and educate a vibrant, diverse network of individuals who will provide leadership to transform and strengthen our Greater Rochester Region. 

~ LR Mission

Signature Adult Program

Our signature program is a collaborative effort to connect, educate and engage a diverse, cross-section of community leaders to stimulate growth and facilitate change in the greater Rochester community. 

Emerging Leaders Program

Our youth program connects an ambitiously diverse group of high school students with area leaders to develop leadership skills and raise awareness about key issues affecting the Rochester community. 



Community Partners

“As someone who is not from Rochester but moved here as a young professional, LR provided me a diverse foundational awareness and understanding of the social, political and economic aspects of the Greater Rochester community. Additionally, the friendships and other relationships that I have established through my past and present experiences with LR continue to ber personally and professionally invaluable”

Matthew Wagstaff

Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, Leadership Rochester 2014

“Rochester is full of community warriors with untapped potential and not fully realized talents. You can see it in how people display their passion and commitment. I am constantly surrounded by inspiration and it makes me proud and hopeful for my community’s current and future successes”

Nancy Sung Shelton

Leadership Rochester 2011, Coordinated Care Services, Inc.

“Leadership Rochester was a very eye-opening experience. I really thought I knew about Rochester, then I found out I hadn’t a clue. Our day of ‘Building Common Ground’ was very emotional, and brought out many different feelings from empathy, to sadness and anger. I left the day not being able to talk, I needed to process it all

Mary P. Burden

Progressive Implantology, Leadership Rochester 2015

Creating a Legacy of Leaders

Leadership Rochester’s unique format makes Rochester and Monroe County the classroom. Programs are strategically designed to move to unique locations, giving participants a comprehensive look at our community, while connecting them to influential organizations and individuals that continually shape our region. 

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