We’d like to thank this year’s presenting sponsor of our 2021 Signature Program, Andy Nahas and The Prospect Fund.  Nahas is a graduate of Leadership Rochester’s inaugural class in 1992. 

He is the founder of The Prospect Fund, an investment fund whose mission is to seek maximum returns in the stock market through investing in socially responsible, sustainable growth companies. Those gains are then used to support activist and charitable organizations which improve the condition of life on our planet, including human rights, animal welfare on industrialized farms, quality of life initiatives for the elderly, and student leadership efforts.

In addition to The Prospect Fund, Nahas also started MusicPower, which offers financial and analytical support to worthy organizations and individuals using music as a tool for solving societal problems, boosting the happiness levels of those most in need, and otherwise empowering people (young or old) through music.

A champion of the arts, philanthropy and the betterment of others, Andy’s exemplary leadership skills epitomize all we are at Leadership Rochester. His actions are in complete alignment with our mission to inspire, connect and educate those willing to transform and strengthen our community. We’re thrilled to have his support this year and thank him for his generous contribution to our program.


“Leadership Rochester is the type of program which is crucial to the advancement and cohesiveness of our society, whereby businesspeople, social activists, educators and others from every realm can learn about each other and from each other.  This program had a large influence on my desire and ability to integrate investing in businesses with investing in social justice solutions, and I’m so grateful to have been a part of it.”

Andy Nahas

Founder, The Prospect Fund