Our Signature Program class for 2022 recently graduated! On their Final Day, and before Graduation, these leaders witnessed a speech from Jaime Saunders, CEO of United Way of Greater Rochester, gave their Thrive Team presentations, and conversed with Visit Rochester. Let’s take a closer look at how they spent their Final Day.

Together, We Make Way for Good 

Jaime Saunders had an impassioned conversation with Signature Program leaders about community, cooperation, and taking initiative. Signature Program students rounded off their Rochester education discussing how one leader, Jaime Saunders, sees the value of what these students have spent months working to understand, cooperation. As evident from the title, Saunders’ talk focused on exactly this: making good happen and making hope happen is only possible if leaders are in communication with each other. On their Final Day, Signature Program leaders learned the irony of Leadership Rochester’s programs – that their new education was given to them by their community, but they now must go make more change happen so that one day they will be the subject of a lesson.

Thrive Team Presentations

Every student is assigned to a Thrive Team, which diligently works to address the needs of a particular organization. Leaders work together with their newfound community knowledge to captain solutions to real problems taxing a Rochester organization. This class’ solutions were innovative and thorough, and their presentations sold them wholeheartedly. From their performance on this project, LR knows the bright future waiting for the class of 2022. 

Visit Rochester

Visit Rochester gave a talk as well. Our students essentially become tourists in their own communities, so it is fitting for the city’s main tourist resource to converse with our leaders. The class of 2022 will go on to make Rochester not only a better home for its residents but a more intriguing place to visit for those outside of Rochester. Our Signature Program leaders are focused on change, on making Rochester a home; Visit Rochester’s mission is to serve those who are temporarily here, to show them the beautiful work those like our leaders are doing, but both work with the intent of bettering Rochester. Visit Rochester is a friend to our leaders in their path toward success.