In their final moments as student leaders, graduates were welcomed by Board Chair, Lauren Gallina Payne, and observed remarks from two of this Signature Program class’ shining members – Tonya Brooks and Tammi Herron, before being sent off to do the hard work of making change. 


Before thanking all of our programs’ future leaders, Leadership Rochester wants to thank Tonya and Tammi for their words at graduation. They are responsible for the last hooray to inspire their peers to action. Specifically, action based on their newfound knowledge. Thanks to Tonya and Tammi’s kind and eloquent remarks, Rochester’s future leaders will be that much more inspired and connected to their community. 


Firstly, thank you to all of those who made graduation not only possible but all who made it a celebration. Second, thank you to our students for making this class one of the most successful yet. Leadership Rochester knows these students are destined to be true servants of their community. The consistent and impressive ability each of these students exuded as leaders were truly bright. To our graduates, LR would bet high on your successful future, but we don’t need to because we simply and purely know change and success are yours. 

To Jaime Buss

Jaime Buss, our exiting Program Coordinator, has been one of the brightest, most dedicated public servants Rochester has seen. From organizing trips for families with sick children to coordinating donations for hundreds of people during the holiday season, Jaime has always emphasized the value of family, friendship, and community. This is why she was more than fit for her duties here at Leadership Rochester. While we are sad to see her go, we know there her legacy is unforgettable and that she has impacted countless lives. Thank you, Jaime, for all of your dedication!