Elevating and Energizing a New Year Together!

The Kickstart 2024 Leadership Symposium recently brought together a diverse array of individuals eager to kick off the new year with enthusiasm and renewed purpose. Attendees, across the Greater Rochester Area, gathered at Nazareth University to experience engaging discussions about topical areas including leadership paradigms, mindfulness/balance, and productivity/goal setting. The symposium proved to be a beacon of inspiration, offering valuable insights and actionable takeaways for those ready to make 2024 their most successful year yet.

Keynote Address: Using Vision as an Anchor for Success

The symposium opened with a captivating keynote address by Dr. Joseph Porter Jr.; the Associate Dean, Program Director, and Clinical Professor of the School of Business and Leadership (SBL) at Nazareth University. Dr. Porter Jr. delved into the power of/possible results that can come from having a clearly defined vision and using it as a guidepost along the way to accomplishing any goal. Attendees were guided through examples of familiar companies/ peoples’ visions with their resulting impact and encouraged them to define visions for their projects.

Interactive Workshops: Turning Inspiration into Action

One of the symposium’s highlights was a series of interactive workshops designed to help participants turn inspiration into actionable plans. Facilitators guided attendees through goal-setting exercises, helping them articulate their aspirations, identify potential challenges, and develop practical steps to overcome them. The workshops created a supportive environment where individuals could refine their goals and connect with like-minded peers.

Networking Opportunities: Building a Community of Achievers

Networking played a crucial role in the symposium, fostering connections among attendees who shared a commitment to personal and professional growth. From an enriching networking lunch to a casual, end-of-day networking session, participants had the chance to exchange ideas, collaborate on potential projects, and build a community of like-minded achievers.

Conclusion: Rippling Enthusiasm and Connection Toward a Year of Success!

The Kickstart 2024 Symposium left a lasting impression on its attendees, inspiring them to approach the year ahead with newfound clarity and purpose. From thought-provoking keynotes to practical workshops, the event provided a roadmap for setting and achieving meaningful goals. As participants dispersed, the energy and enthusiasm generated at the symposium promised to ripple through their lives, making 2024 a year of unprecedented success and personal growth.

Special thanks to our event partner, Nazareth University, and our presenting sponsor, Andy Nahas & The Prospect Fund. Also, to our community connect sponsor, Starbridge, and our community building sponsor, Volunteers of America. Be sure to explore more of our upcoming program opportunities on our website.