Dear Leadership Rochester Family,

I am honored to introduce myself as the new Executive Director of Leadership Rochester. It means so much that the Board of Directors trusts me with this responsibility. That’s especially true considering Leadership Rochester possesses the ability to impact transformational change in the Rochester Region.

I am deeply committed to the LR mission to “inspire, connect, and educate a vibrant, diverse network of individuals who will provide leadership to transform and strengthen our Greater Rochester Region.” I believe our collective efforts can influence the trajectory of Rochester.

Like so many leaders, my personal experiences and career passions curated a path that ultimately defined my purpose; advocating for others and fostering change in the community I grew up in. Navigating the leadership path is not always easy, however, I can attest that Leadership Rochester has served to be a pivotal part of my leadership journey. My experience with the LR Signature Program helped broaden my professional network, allowed me to consider the varying perspectives of other leaders, and explore some of the key social and economic challenges facing Rochester.

The LR experience sharpened my leadership lens and has influenced how I understand the Rochester landscape. I’ve also been fortunate enough to find friendship along the way. As a 2015 Leadership Rochester alumni, I have remained connected through various events, panels, and committees and now look forward to deepening that connection.

During this time of transition, I look forward to working closely with my board of directors, previous Executive Director, Gwen Van Laeken, and our dynamic Leadership Rochester team members. Over the next several weeks, I am eager to connect with you to listen, learn, collect feedback, and generate ideas to inform our strategic direction.

This is an exciting time! We have the opportunity to build upon the foundation laid by our founders, and further the path forged by the organizations’ previous leaders. We have the opportunity to imagine “What’s NEXT?” and the ability to influence how Leadership is done in Rochester. Let’s continue the LR way by showing up for each other and working toward transforming and strengthening our Greater Rochester Region.


Camille A. Simmons, MSL
Executive Director, Leadership Rochester