Rich Collaborative History of Leadership Rochester

Established in 1991, Leadership Rochester is a small nonprofit with an immense impact on, and deep connection to, our community.

Founded by leaders across the business, nonprofit, and government sectors, we were established on the belief that, as a collective, our leaders could better serve, and strengthen, our community if given the opportunity to grow as a collaborative, and learn about Rochester’s strengthens and its issues together.


  • Founding Sponsors: Leadership Rochester’s founding sponsors included the city of Rochester, Monroe County, Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce, United Way of Greater Rochester, Urban League, Junior League, Rochester Labor Council, and Industrial Management Council
  • Founding Board Leaders: In addition to senior leaders of sponsoring organizations, founding Board Members included the president of St. John Fisher College, senior leaders of the Rochester City School District, Rochester Police Department, Rochester Gas & Electric, Rochester Telephone Corp, St. Joseph’s Villa, Puerto Rican Youth Development, Rochester Area Multiple Sclerosis, Print It! Inc, Career Development Services, Bausch & Lomb, Monroe County Legislature, and Rochester City Council.
  • Please view our 25th Anniversary Celebration Video to learn more from some of our early founders and class members.