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Kickstart 2024! 

FIRST FRIDAY January 5, 2024
Kickstart your Energy!
Kickstart your Courage!
Kickstart your Goals!
Kickstart your Vision!
Kickstart Balance!
Kickstart your Connections!
Kickstart your Leadership Skills!
Kickstart your Organization!
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Kickstart 2024!

Elevate and Energize Your New Year! 

You’re a dynamic individual with personal interests, career goals, and obligations to family or friends. There’s a lot to balance.  You may be in a great place looking forward or maybe you’re feeling stuck.  We get it.

This time of year we often rush through fall, navigate the holidays, and welcome the New Year with high expectations. January arrives, and we feel the pressure to start the year on the right foot, with hopes, resolutions, and ambitions.  Is it time to focus or change?  Wondering whether it’s time to launch a new endeavor, explore a new career, start a new business, or just rebalance your life and realign into what brings you joy and fulfillment?   

Start your New Year off with an afternoon to help you focus and get energized.  

Kickstart 2024 – Get Ready!

Join Leadership Rochester and our host, Nazareth University, for an exciting event that will supercharge and kickstart your 2024.

This symposium is your catalyst for renewed energy, focus, and inspired action to elevate yourself so that you can lift your organization and your community. We’ll delve into leadership skills, goal setting, mindfulness, work-life balance, community engagement, and more.  Explore the big self-reflection questions about finding the courage and making the leap to achieve your goals.  Learn some of the latest on leadership and self development.

This is an afternoon that’s all about energizing and equipping you for success in 2024! View Kickstart 2024 Agenda.

Meet Our Keynote Speaker

Vision 2024: Using Vision as a Anchor to Success by Dr. Joseph Porter

Set a vision for the new year with Dr. Joseph Porter— his keynote promises to empower individuals to embrace the coming year with purpose. Dr. Porter is the Associate Dean, Program Director, and Clinical Professor of the School of Business and Leadership (SBL) at Nazareth University. He will guide listeners in understanding vision and the power/results of using it as a reference point on the path to achieving a goal. Through his keynote, Dr. Porter’s expertise aims to inspire enthusiasm and pathways for a transformative year.

Explore Our Upcoming Workshops

Track 1: Leadership Paradigms

Inspire 2024: The Science of Hope Centered Leadership by Dr. Ashley Cross Ed.D

This workshop provides a unique opportunity for organizational leaders to tap into the science of hope, not only for personal growth but for driving positive change within their organizations and communities. Dr. Ashley Cross provides a compelling framework that emphasizes the transformative potential of hope and equips leaders with the tools to make hope a driving force in their leadership journey. Hope can be taught, learned, and restored, and this workshop paves the way for leaders to do just that.

Build 2024: Team-Centric Leadership: Fueling Success Together by Nikki Parris

Are we creating environments where individuals love to come to work, and people want to win for us? In this group coaching-style workshop, each participant comes away with a roadmap and a way forward toward distinguishing their personal leadership style and/or organizations and circles of influence. Based on the book by Simon Sinek, we will explore how trust produces winning teams AND longevity in business.

Track 2: Mindfulness & Balance

Balance 2024: Using a Mindfulness Compass to Navigate Your Life by Kristen Fragnoli

In this workshop, participants will gain insight, hope, transformation, and vision for their life using the 4 directions of the compass as a tool. We will use a dynamic combination of mindfulness practices, interactive sharing, and movement to explore each of our own north, south, east, and west. Reflect on and begin to articulate where you are rooted, what brings you joy, what may be ending in your life, and what new beginnings may be calling you forward. Apply these meditations and conversations to whatever part of your life you are seeking growth – career, relationships, community, or another area of focus. Leave with practices and applications that you can continue on your own as you walk courageously into 2024.

Align 2024: Leading with Integrity: Aligning your values for personal and organizational success with BOSSY by Kelly Bush and Kelly Metras

Join in as we explore the synergy between your personal values and those of your organization. In a brief yet impactful session, discover how to seamlessly integrate your mission, vision, and values with those of your workplace. Learn to cultivate a positive workplace culture through restorative practices, shifting from punitive approaches to solutions that foster community-building and employee engagement. Explore the benefits of aligning community initiatives with your shared values, ensuring a brighter future for both individuals and organizations. Bring your questions, share your insights, and leave inspired to lead with authenticity and purpose.

Track 3: Goal Setting & Productivity

Achieve 2024: Productivity in Action by Rita Sherman

As leaders, the New Year brings opportunities to reevaluate how we work and utilize our time. In this session, we identify new ways to manage our time and approach our work to be the most effective and productive. Join in and learn how to implement a time management grid as a tool, eliminate time wasters, ensure effective meetings and other concrete methods to get the most out of 2024.

Think Positive in 2024: Elevate Your Mental Fitness by Jill Peterson

In this workshop, you’ll explore mental fitness, and gain essential tools for a positive mindset. Uncover key concepts to strengthen mental resilience, addressing negativity and inner habits. Understand the direct impact of mental fitness on happiness, potential, and relationships. Learn actionable steps for positive thinking and the neuroscience behind the three core components. Meet your inner Sage, discovering its empowering attributes for approaching challenges with positivity. Explore practical ways to transform your mindset in daily life.

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Elevate and Energize your New Year at Kickstart Leadership Symposium for just $50! We encourage you to attend our meaningful and budget-friendly event by yourself or with colleagues/ friends in your network! Supervisors, this is your chance to level up your entire team! Lunch and networking opportunities are included. Secure your spot today!

Friday January 5, 2024

11:30 am – 5:00 pm   
Nazareth University
Open to the Public  


General registration is now closed.  Limited late registrations are still available.  Glazer Auditorium doors open at 11:45 am.

Cost $50.00  at the door

Please understand that walk-ins will not enjoy lunch since it was pre-ordered for the event  But you’re welcome to come! 

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